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The Same.... but Better!

We offer a range of modular products, available as basic electronic upgrades to full refurbishments,


designed to eliminate any current or foreseeable obsolescence issues plus add enhance functionality and performance, all at the fraction of the cost of a new system.

Gen-In can offer spare parts and tooling at highly competitive pricing, to ensure continued uninterrupted operation of your existing cold-end equipment.

Our Gauging products offer a simple solution to hot-end, end-of-line, and laboratory dimensional measuring.


As an alternative to complex fully automated solutions, our UNIFY products were designed as a more repeatible and reliable soluton to go-no-go gauging, while maintaining the hands-on coherent approach we believe is essential to manufacturing a quality product.

Gen-In offers a full range of cold-end inspection solutions and services for the hollow glass industry.

The new SYNC products are designed as compact lowerer cost modular alternatives that can be configured to your needs


providing high performance and extended inspections with minimal integration requirements for your new or existing production lines. Our “Simply Smarter” platform harnesses modern technology with intelligent algorithms developed specifically of glass inspection through easy-to-use operator interfaces targeted at existing users.